Camp Alandale Board of Directors and Staff identified a need of $350,000 for estimated repairs, additional costs to run camps offsite next year, and the future of the ministry. 

We are grateful to  announce that in just 3 months, the goal was reached! Although we didn’t quite hit the exact  goal, we were able to save in a couple of areas that lowered the overall cost. Additionally, we have also found a camp to host our 2024 winter camp programs. Moving forward, we ask for financial gifts to be given to general fund to support the typical, non-flood related, program costs in 2024.


AUGUST 27, 2023

August 20th, a week after summer camp ended, Hurricane Hilary passed through Angelus Oaks and all of our onsite staff were able to evacuate safely. Despite preparations, damage still occurred to a few areas of camp property due to flash flooding and high winds. The river rose significantly with the rain, washing out all roads to camp, flooding the main residence, and scattering heaps of mud and debris. Four of the girl cabins were moved by the current, crashing into each other. This was disappointing news to face but we are grateful that the rest of camp property remains safely intact! The areas of camp located further from the river remain in safe condition, such as the lodge, boys cabins, west side cabins, pool, and other key areas. This is deeply encouraging. We know that the Lord is continuing to guide and protect Camp Alandale.

The severe damage to the roads is the most significant issue. The flooding of the river wiped out all the roads leading to camp. Because much of those repairs will be up to the state and county, the timeline for repair is out of our control. In the meantime we plan to work on repairing the damage to camp property and moving forward with the winter and summer program however and wherever the Lord provides.

A MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDERS: Karen and I, Robin, founded Camp back in 1980. Over these 43 years there have been lots of attacks from the enemy trying to close down the ministry. With God’s grace, we have never given in to these attacks and this situation is no different. This is God’s camp. This is God’s ministry. It is our father God’s loving heart that wants all of us to continue to reach out to the hurting. We know God loves these abused children even more than we do. He has a plan for this ministry to continue into the future. Because God is for us we know that no evil force can stand against us.

We, the Board and all the staff, want to thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you to the volunteers that are already showing up to help. God bless you all!