The Vision of Camp Alandale

The vision for the future of Camp Alandale contains three parts:


Recruit and train couples who will open camps in other counties within the State of California.

Camp Alandale's Purpose Statement is, "To introduce abused children to the life changing and healing reality of Jesus Christ and equip them to have meaningful and productive lives." The organization currently accepts only children who have been placed in a foster home or group home by Orange County and a limited number from Riverside County Social Services Agency. More and more requests are coming in to accept children from Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and other counties. We would like to take them all, but that is not possible until we open camps in each county and have the people to staff them. By recruiting more couples and training them to operate a camp for abused children, they can be sent out to open new camps for abused children in other counties within the State or wherever the Lord directs.


Make the existing camp facility in Angelus Oaks the model for future camp sites for abused children.

At present the ministry is being operated in Angelus Oaks on a 12 acre parcel along the headwaters of the Santa Ana River. We have an East and West camp. This facility will be our training camp for new Camp Directors and we want it to be a model for each new camp site. The summer program is completely outdoors except for the campers sleeping in cabins. In 2017 we finished the renovations and are currently operating in the West Camp with plans to open the East Camp in the next few years and operate two separate camps simultaneously. As we look to the future we plan to develop additional camps for San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties in the Angelus Oaks area near Big Bear as the area can be readily accessed from all of Southern California.

In addition to modeling excellence in our camp facilities, Camp Alandale seeks to:

  • Maintain membership in ECFA

    • Membership in the Evangelical Council of Accountability (ECFA) demonstrates to our supporters that we are meeting the standards set for transparency and accountability in our management of funds.

  • Develop a comprehensive training program for current and future staff

  • Build and endowment to ensure the future funding of Camp Alandale


Develop an extensive group of partners: supporters, volunteer counselors, junior counselors, prayer warriors, volunteer event leaders and Champions who will promote the vision in each county. Champions are individuals whose efforts focus on growing the ministry, helping to reproduce camps and find help for abused children. There are opportunities for churches, individuals, foundations, and companies to be involved all along the way. Support is one of the obvious needs, both in prayer and finances. Volunteer counselors and junior counselors are needed. Those who consider themselves Champions of Camp Alandale need volunteers to aid them as well as to develop new Champions in each new county.