What about qualifications? We require our counselors to be committed Christians with a personal testimony of the leading of Jesus Christ in their lives and have the desire and ability to lead a child to put his or her faith in Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior. We ask that our counselors have been Christians for at least two years and be at least 21 years of age. Counselors must commit to reading the Counselor Training Handbook and attending our Counselor Training Seminar in the spring within a year of becoming an approved counselor. Every counselor’s first season of training is probationary. It’s a time for us to get acquainted with you and you with us to see if this ministry is the right fit. Learning to be a counselor comes mostly by experience, but the training is a tremendous help. The only additional requirement is a sincere desire to work with these hurting children.


1. Fill out application and send it to us

2. In-person Interview

3. Process references

4. Background check

5. Training & handbook

6. Sign up for camps

We are blessed by your interest in the ministry of Camp Alandale. This section should help you understand how camp works and give you an idea of what you’re in for if you come!

 The primary purpose for which our camp was founded is to provide a Christian camp experience to children who have been abused or neglected. We provide these special children with a program that is designed especially for their needs. It is a program that is centered upon building relationships through which healing and purpose can come to their disrupted lives through Jesus Christ.

The uniqueness of this camp is focused on giving children a real outdoor experience with lots of opportunity for 1-on-1 time with their counselors. We have a ratio of one counselor for every two campers. During the summer you will sleep in cabins with the children, help them cook their own food, and serve each other. They learn practical Christian servanthood and love through crafts, hiking, swimming, lots of games, campfires, singing, and of course Bible studies, Bible stories, and Bible teaching. During the winter we invite back all those who came in previous summers for a weekend winter camp. The winter program is informal, family oriented, and with smaller groups than in the summer.

Our program is designed to lead an unbeliever to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and help a believer to commit his or her life to obey God daily through the power of the Holy Spirit. We emphasize prayer, Bible study, and the discussion of topics which affect children’s lives.  

We are able to provide these programs free of charge through the generous donations of God’s people and the volunteer work provided by all our counselors and junior counselors. God always provides enough volunteers to minister to these children, and we hope that you would join us in this opportunity!

Now, where do you fit in? During the summer we need counselors who can spend at least five days with us for a single camp or as many camps as possible. If you're working and can get a week or more time off then you can counsel. If you have the entire summer free you can counsel up to five programs if you wish.

During the winter we need counselors who can come for weekends, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Typically, we have four to five winter camp weekends and you could attend all of them if your schedule allows.

Our summer programs run from the middle of June to the middle of August. It is not recommended for counselors to come to two camps in a row, but to take a week off between camps. We do not have room for counselors to stay at camp between programs so we ask counselors to plan to come only during camp programs. We also have no way of accommodating those counselors who might want to bring their own children to camp. If either of these situations is a problem for you please let us know on the last page of the application or reconsidering if this is the way that you should be involved with this ministry.

 Also, we would like to suggest that you make your decision a matter or prayer if you haven't already done so. Ask the Lord to guide you and show you if this is His will for you. If the answer is yes, please fill out the application and send it to us via mail or email at the addresses provided. After receiving you application we will contact your references and then call you to set up a personal interview. We also ask our counselors to consent to a background check, in order to protect our campers and comply with the Social Services requirements.

It will test you, it will stretch you, but most of all it allows you to take part in God's ministry at Camp Alandale. We are so excited that you would like to come alongside of Camp Alandale in ministering to abused children.

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