Jr. Counselors

Junior Counselor applications are accepted all year long and are processed in the fall for the upcoming summer. Right now, we are currently processing applications for Winter.

Anyone 16 to 20 years of age (for the upcoming summer) can apply to be a Junior Counselor (JC) at Camp Alandale.

Being a JC is an exciting way to reach to abused children with the gospel through a ministry of service to the campers and counselors. Camp could not be run without the help and sacrifice of our JC's as they keep our program flowing during summer and winter sessions. This is an incredible opportunity to build relationships with campers and find community with fellow JC's while serving God together. Come join the Camp Alandale family!

What Would You Like To Do?

Apply To Be a Junior Counselor

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Are You Interested In Attending a Junior Counselor Training Weekend?

We are always excited about the possibility of training new, and old, Junior Counselors. There are two training weekends planned for this year, one in January and one in May. If you complete the application process and are approved as a JC, you will receive information and registrations forms for the training weekends.

What to expect:

1. Send in Application

2. In person interview

3. Process references provided

4. Run Background check (if over 18)

5. Attend JC training (Mandatory before coming as a JC)

6. Sign up for camps

The Junior Counselor Experience

Watch these videos to learn more!