Counselor Training Resources

As part of the application process to counsel at camp we require that newly approved counselors read the Counselor Training Handbook and listen to the Counselor Training Audio once before coming to camp. We also recommend that veteran counselors read through the Counselor Training Handbook every subsequent year. Below are both of these resources for you to download and use.

In addition to these resources, we require (within first two years) that all new counselors attend one of our Counselor Training Seminars scheduled in April of each year.

Counselor Training Handbook

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions for Downloading or Printing

  • Make sure your web browser is the most current version. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    • To download Mozilla Firefox go here. To download Google Chrome go here.

  • Click the appropriate .pdf.

    • The link will open in a new window powered by Google Docs.

  • Click "File" and then select "Download" or click the "Download" or "Print" icon on the top left hand side of the window.

  • Once you have downloaded the file, we recommend using Adobe Reader to view the handbook.

    • To download the most current version of Adobe Reader go here.

Counselor Training Audio: